The Kremlin television network RT praised the supposed fairness of the Russian election after strongman Vladimir Putin won reelection in the rigged contest. RT's claim was that the election was the most transparent in history:

The 2012 election is widely seen as the most transparent– and the most expensive – in Russia’s history. Almost 200,000 web cameras have been installed at polling stations across the country. Half a million independent observers and volunteers will monitor the vote, a record in Russia. The measures follow allegations of widespread vote violation in a December parliamentary vote, which handed a majority of seats to the ruling United Russia party. This time, anyone can log on to a website streaming live broadcasts of Russians casting their ballots.

The Kremlin arm even cited "international observers" as saying the election was only either "good" or "fair."

Around 81 per cent of independent international observers considered the overall organization of the election to be ‘good,’ while 19 per cent said it was ‘fair.’

But one observer seems perhaps to undermine the Russian case:

“Regarding to the results of our visits to the polling stations, we can state that the Russian video monitoring system exceeds all world standards,” said Italian independent observer Alessandra Mussolini.

That's right, Alessandra Mussolini--the "Granddaughter of Benito Mussolini, the Italian Fascist." Benito was of course the fascist dictator who aligned with Adolf Hitler in World War II.

Alessandra Mussolini is now "a member of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Italian Parliament, for the ruling People of Freedom party."

As for non-Kremlin backed observers of Russia's election, the consensus has formed that the elections were rigged. Putin faces "charges of fraud from international observers and a defiant opposition that vowed to keep him from serving his full six-year term," the New York Times reported. "[T]he observers said Mr. Putin had faced no real competition and unfairly benefited from lavish government spending on his behalf."

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