Overwhelmed with enviro-guilt for buying bottled water? Good news--water now comes in a box! Boxed Water Is Better, a company which began in 2009, is expanding and gaining more attention. The New York Times Magazine's blog announced that now, for $2 a carton, New Yorkers can get their water boxed. New York is not the first city to be visited by boxed water, however. Boxed Water Is Better is available in locations throughout the Midwest, as well as in California and Florida.

BWIB sells filtered water (more commonly known as “tap”) in eco-friendly recyclable cartons. What makes them more special than other filtered water? Well, they sell water in recyclable cartons--cartons designed to boldly announce their superiority to the world. BWIB is not just any company selling tap water in a box. They are educating the world and giving back: The company intends to donate 20 percent of their profits to water and forestation organizations.

Before you rush out to buy a sleek water carton, however, be aware that BWIB may not yet be available at your local grocer. Never fear, though. While you wait for the arrival of your box, you can simply fill a reusable container with filtered tap water. Granted, your good environmental deed will be less public and your fellow shoppers may not know you intend to drink from the tap at home, but remember it’s the purity of intention, and practicality, that counts. BWIB also acknowledges the possible superiority of home-bottled tap water. In response they remind the enviro-conscious of their first goal: “create a product for a growing market (bottled water) that lessens the environmental impact and gives back a bit--which simply makes us 'better' as we say, and a step in the right direction.”

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