Ralph Nader is exasperated. Not an unusual condition for him. But the cause of his frustration, this time, is not GM (the company he helped destroy) or Al Gore (the presidential candidate he helped defeat) or any of the usual suspects. In this case, Citizen Nader is peeved at fellow progressive, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Nader has sent the senator a letter giving him what for and calling him everything but a corporate bandit and unfeeling member of the one-percent.

“In the past year, I have called you many times at your Washington office,” Nader writes. "Your staff dutifully takes my messages, forwards them to you and you do not call back. Never.”

However, Nader continues:

You do communicate in one way … Along with others deemed to be on the right mailing lists, I receive many of your fundraising letters to help Bernie get re-elected. Your letters are full of warnings about the right-wing, corporate interests out to defeat you … In the two years before your election, the letters flow with predictable regularity, recounting your record and the perils confronting your election. Once you are comfortably and predictably re-elected, Bernie returns to the Lone Ranger mode.

One reads Nader's letter and thinks, “Who would return his calls? Life is way too short for that."

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