The fight to defund NPR will continue, as Politico reports that "House Republicans failed in their attempt to force a vote on defunding NPR today in what was the first GOP-led House vote since the midterms." No worries, the GOP-led 112th Congress should be able to get the job done. Around here, we've been taking submissions for what that bill should be named, and several more readers have added their own thoughts.

From reader E.F.:

KRISTOL: Kiss Radio Idiocy Sayonara, Totally Oblivious Leftists

CPUSA: Countering Propaganda Using Special Appropriations

OREILLY: Overcoming Radio Especially Intended for Left Liberal Yuppies

From reader P.G.:

NPR: National Public Rip-off

From reader S.Q.:

NPR: No Public Radio

From reader P.M.:

BIAS: Blatant Intellectual Arrogance Scuttled

From reader R.A.:

PLEDGE: Promote Liberty Enterprises by Defunding Government Entertainment

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