Yesterday, the National Gallery of Art put out a solicitation for nuclear ordnance, giving interested parties until the end of October to respond to the solicitation notice.

The office seeking the weapons is the National Gallery of Art's Office of Procurement and Contracts, located in a nondescript warehouse in Landover, Maryland -- an area known as a government storage boneyard.

No specifications on the type of ordnance were specified in the solicitation. It's presumed as part of the so-called "New START" treaty, they'll take anything. It's unclear if NGA will accept Russian ordnance, but even if they did, Russian contractors would be at a severe disadvantage not knowing our labyrinth of contracting laws.

Since the president's 2009 Recovery Act law is largely tapped out, the solicitation was clear: no stimulus money can be used in this project.
The point of contact for NGA is listed as:
David Reindl





of course

Don't worry. According to the website, this was only a test solicitation.

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