In his big speech to the U.N. General Assembly last week, President Obama pointedly avoided one particular subject: himself. Just kidding! The famously self-regarding Obama alluded to himself almost 50 times in his remarks. (That’s 7 mys, and 42 Is for those keeping track at home.)

No, the notable omission in Obama’s speech was that of North Korea. One of the greatest threats to global stability and the world’s most egregious human rights violator didn’t merit a mention. Granted, this was perhaps somewhat understandable, given the mess in Syria and the dangers represented by Iran.

But one thing’s for sure: North Korea’s Stalinist dictator Kim Jong-un can’t have been happy at the snub. After all, there’s nothing that the megalomaniac dauphin hates more than being ignored. The Scrapbook fears, therefore, that Pyongyang will likely stomp on the proverbial floor sometime soon in a desperate bid to regain the world’s attention. A missile launch, for example, could be in the offing, or maybe another nuclear test. Or perhaps the North Korean regime will kidnap another American tourist and sentence him to a term in the gulag, as it does periodically. And there’s also the chance Kim will invite another has-been, narcissistic, washed-up athlete, à la Dennis Rodman, for a visit. Hmm .  .  . has anybody seen Alex Rodriguez lately?

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