THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained this new political ad that knocks President Obama for saying the al Qaeda terrorist attack in Libya is a bump in the road:

The thirty-second spot will soon be airing in the battleground state of Virginia, and possibly elsewhere. It is courtesy of Special Operations OPSEC PAC, which is made up of former military and intelligence officials.

"President Obama wanted credit after our military killed bin Laden," the ad's narrator says. "Highly classified secrets were leaked, endangering real heroes and their families. But when terrorists killed SEALs and diplomats in Libya, this administration does not tell the truth about what happened. And the president says, it's just a bump in the road. There is nothing acceptable about playing politics with national security and American lives. Aren't some things more important than politics?"

The closing video text asks: "Politics before patriotism?"

The ad's narrator is Scott Taylor, a former Navy SEAL. The buy--the amount of money behind the airing of this ad--is significant.

"We propose to create a standing non-partisan, independent watchdog organization entitled OPSEC," the group's mission statement reads. "This organization would exist for two purposes: First, we seek the removal of political benefit to those disclosing classified/sensitive information pertaining to special operations and intelligence activities.

"Second, in line with the exposure of the dangerous practices and reckless policies of public disclosures of classified or sensitive information pertaining to military or intelligence practices or methods by this administration, OPSEC will carry a strong message across the country that it's time for President Obama and other administration officials to stop jeopardizing national security operations for political gain."

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