One line we've heard this past week is that young voters didn't turn out on November 2 like they had in the past. After fine tuning the exit poll this past week, it turns out that voters under 30 accounted for the same proportion of the electorate as they did in the last mid-term election. From the Washington Post's "Behind the Numbers" blog:

voters under 30 made up 12 percent of the electorate. That's the same proportion younger voters made up in 2006, not a single-point lower as previously and widely reported. This change means practically nothing statistically or substantively, and points to the broad-based over-interpretation of small margins in exit polls. But that's another story.

A few other small shifts in the numbers:

Republican House candidate[s] won independent voter[s] by 19 percentage points. Some 55 percent of voters said they disapprove of Obama's job performance, and 42 percent of the electorate identified as conservative.

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