The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker reported last week that Senator Mary Landrieu, currently fighting for her seat in a tough reelection bid, may not actually reside in Louisiana. In January, she told the Federal Election Commission she lives in Washington, D.C. But she claimed her parents’ address in New Orleans as her own to qualify for the ballot in Louisiana. The GOP is now considering legal action to challenge her residency.

The Scrapbook is not Pollyannaish about the professional demands placed on senators. For better and for worse, they are in Washington most of the time. However, The Scrapbook is also well-acquainted with the impressive edifice on Capitol Hill that Landrieu calls home. Even by the standards of Washington, D.C., real estate, the home is imposing, valued at $2.5 million, possibly more. Real estate in Louisiana, in comparison, is extremely affordable, and Landrieu and her influential family do not want for money. How hard would it be for Landrieu to maintain a modest residence in her home state? It would be a fiction that she lives there, but at least she wouldn’t be lying to state officials when they ask for her residency.

We’re afraid the reason she doesn’t do this is that, like many other creatures of Washington—-including Republican senator Pat Roberts, who was recently caught failing to maintain his Kansas residency—she’s so entitled she simply thumbs her nose at the humblest requirements for holding office.

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