A new poll released Thursday shows that Americans oppose Obamacare's HHS mandate--the rule requiring "free" coverage of contraception, sterilizations, and the "week-after" pill that may kill human embryos--by a 10-point margin.

Polling on this issue has varied widely, depending on how pollsters frame the question. There doesn't seem to be a trace of bias in the way WPA Research phrased the question in its poll, which was conducted on behalf of the conservative Family Research Council:

Question: As you may know, the President's healthcare law contains the HHS mandate which requires that all private healthcare plans, including both employer based health plans and individual market health plans, cover preventative care services for women, which includes all FDA approved contraceptives, including drugs that can destroy a human embryo, and sterilization services without a direct cost to the patient. Employers that offer their employees’ healthcare plans that do not includes these drugs and services will be fined up to $100 per day per employee. Do you support or oppose this law?

Total Support 43%

Undecided 4%

Total Oppose 53%

"As the debate over the HHS mandate has played out in the media and the courts, Americans oppose the mandate because it puts the jobs, livelihoods, and healthcare of Americans at risk. It forces those who stand up for their conscience to choose between paying crippling fines that could shut down their business or dropping the healthcare of all their employees," said Family Research Council president Tony Perkins. "Respecting freedom of conscience is a long held American tradition and the government should not impose mandates or laws that force individuals and businesses to violate these beliefs just to hold a job, own a business, or have health insurance. This is a flawed mandate within a flawed law."

The poll was taken as a number of different legal challenges to Obamacare's HHS mandate are wending their way through federal courts. The Supreme Court heard the Hobby Lobby case on behalf of religious business owners in March and will issue a decision by the end of June. You can read Adam White's recent WEEKLY STANDARD article on the Hobby Lobby case here.

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