The latest polling of likely voters from Rasmussen Reports showsthat Mitt Romney has now moved ahead of President Obama in Ohio. The poll shows Romney leading by 2 percentage points — 50 to 48 percent. This is the fourth polllistedby RealClearPolitics that has shown Romney ahead in Ohio this fall — but it’s the first that has shown him ahead by more than 1 point since the summer, and it’s the first time that Rasmussen has shown Romney ahead in Ohio since the spring.

The poll also shows Romney with a 13-point lead in net favorability rating in the Buckeye State. Romney’s net favorability rating is +8 points (53 percent favorable, 45 percent unfavorable); Obama’s is minus-5 points (47 percent favorable, 52 percent unfavorable).

Ohio rarely goes to the leftof the national popular vote in presidential elections. Rasmussen’s polling now shows Romney up by the same margin (2 points) in Ohio and nationally.

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