A new web ad released today by the Romney campaign highlights Mitt Romney's support for right to work laws. In the video, a paper company owner in New Hampshire explains how a union forcing his employees to join would hurt his business. Watch the video below:

Only months ago, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) sued aerospace and defense contractor Boeing after the company made plans to move a major manufacturing plant from union friendly Washington state to right to work South Carolina. The NLRB's complaint has infuriated South Carolinians, so Romney could be trying to play for Palmetto State Republicans.

For now, though, Rick Perry, who announced his candidacy earlier this month in South Carolina, is dominating the state by scooping up endorsements, including big time players and donors in the state. While Perry and several other GOP candidates will be attending a Labor Day forum in South Carolina hosted by Sen. Jim DeMint, the state's Republican senior senator, Romney declined the invitation, suggesting to some observers that he isn't going to try to compete there. Perhaps the emphasis on labor politics is meant to appeal to voters in other nearby states like Georgia, where Romney is actively competing.

In 2008, Romney came in a distant fourth place in the South Carolina primary, after coming in second both in the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucuses.

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