A new ad from Mitt Romney's campaign promises that the candidate will seek a "Bipartisan Solution for Immigration" if elected president. The ad, which is in Spanish and stars Romney's son Craig, would appear to be directed at Hispanic voters:

Here's the ad's text (in English):

CRAIG ROMNEY: “I’m Craig Romney. I would like to tell you how my father, Mitt Romney, thinks. He values very much that we are a nation of immigrants. My grandfather George was born in Mexico. For our family the greatness of the United States is how we respect and help each other, regardless of where we come from. As President, my father will work on a permanent solution to the immigration system, working with leaders of both parties.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Bipartisan Solution for Immigration”

CRAIG ROMNEY: “I invite you to listen to him.”

MITT ROMNEY: “I am Mitt Romney and I approve this message.”

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