As Conor Orr reports in the Star-Ledger:

Ending a grand experiment that began more than a year ago but resulted in little productivity on the field, the Jets have released quarterback Tim Tebow, multiple people with knowledge of the situation confirmed.

The wizards of football who run the Jets organization went out and got Tebow who had taken the Denver Broncos to the playoffs, so there was a body of work available for study. Even so, after Tebow has signed with the Jets, the wizards determined that he couldn't play ... not quarterback, anyway. So he took a few snaps as a running back but mostly rode the pine. Only the fans, it seems, wanted to see him on the field—and what do they know? Compared, that is, to the wizards who put their faith in Mark Sanchez whose highlight reel includes a play where he lost a fumble after running into one of his own linemen.

Before releasing Tebow, the Jets picked up another quarterback in last week's draft. Now the wizards must figure out what to do with Sanchez who has a big contract ... so big that it is unlikely another team will be willing to pick it up. So, the Jets still have a problem at quarterback.

The wizards would be a great fit in Washington. Maybe in the Energy Department, handing out money for solar energy and electric cars.

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