Newt Gingrich was asked this morning on Bill Bennett's Morning In America radio show about MSNBC's response to his views on Occupy Wall Street. (Over the weekend, Gingrich told the Occupy mob to "go get a job right after you take a bath." This morning, MSNBC pundits said the former speaker of the House expressed a "disgusting" view.)

Gingrich did not back down, explaining to Bennett "that line came from Ronald Reagan at Berkley during the student demonstrations when at one point he rolled down the window of his limousine and said, ‘Don’t you guys need to go take a shower.’”

He specifically said that his comments were "referring to folks who are out there blocking traffic, breaking windows, engaging in the kind of destructiveness that’s totally unacceptable, hanging out . . . in parks they don’t pay for . . .These are folks who are not really contributing to society."

And Gingrich continued his critique of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. "The folks who are camped out, I think, don’t represent the vast majority of Americans who wonder why they aren’t being productive and wonder why they are not being positive," Gingrich said. "My view is, they ought to be either getting a job, starting a small business, or going to school to learn a skill so that they could get a job, but sitting around and living off of others does not strike exactly a noble pursuit."

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