The fight, in the view of Hamas, is one to the finish. Of Israel, that is. And so, it is now time to prepare for the next battle. This means rearming and as Carol J. Williams of the Los Angeles Times reports:

… Iranian officials told an Arabic-language television channel Monday that Tehran has supplied missile technology to Hamas for its fight against Israel.

The Iranians are proud to stand with Hama, which, of course, is committed to the destruction of Israel. To this end:

Mohsen Rezaei, another former guard commander who is now a senior advisor to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said Tehran had already provided Hamas with missile-building technology being used in fighting against Israel Defense Forces in the Gaza Strip.

This is more than a transfer of technology. It is a gift.

"Palestinian resistance missiles are the blessings of Iran's transfer of technology," Rezaei was quoted as telling the broadcaster.

To reciprocate, perhaps Hamas could share its tunnel building skills with Iran. Tunnels might come in handy for concealing and protecting nuclear facilities.

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