House majority leader Eric Cantor appears to be following the boss's advice, as Robert Costa reports:

Cantor urged his colleagues to use the White House’s delay of the employer mandate as a political battering ram against the administration’s prized law.

“Seize the moment,” Cantor told them. The delay, he predicted, could “destabalize the coalition for Obamacare.”

He then called on the House to pass a one-year delay of the individual mandate to go along with an employer-mandate delay.

On July 2, the boss wrote:

Shouldn't House and Senate Republicans move next week to delay the individual mandate as well? Will Democrats stand up on the floor of Congress to defend the proposition that businesses deserve relief, but not people? I doubt it. You could see a real rout on the floor of the House—and then the Senate.

Could Obama even sustain a veto of such legislation?

And once the individual mandate is delayed for a year, it can be delayed for another year. And another. Until it, and the whole superstructure of Obamacare, which rests on it, can be repealed.

The Obama administration must have hoped delaying the employer mandate would avoid making the difficult implementation of Obamacare even worse. But the GOP can act now to deprive the administration of what might otherwise prove a manageable and perhaps temporary retreat. The GOP can act so as to teach the administration a lesson from Aeschylus: There is no avoidance in delay.

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