No Labels--the 501(c)(4) organization with the motto (reminiscent of the Obama 2012 slogan), "Not Left. Not Right. Forward."--is lamenting the the defeat of Dick Lugar in yesterday's Indiana Republican primary. From a fundraising email from co-chairs Nancy Jacobson and Mark McKinnon:

Yesterday was a sad day. Senator Dick Lugar, a proven problem-solver, lost the Indiana Republican Senate primary to Richard Mourdock -- a guy who said “We need less bipartisanship in Congress.”

You can take this lump lying down or stand up and fight back. Click here to pitch in $3 right now to help build a movement that will empower problem-solvers in Congress.

Your money will help:

  1. Support leaders willing to work across the aisle and solve problems.
  2. Change the incentive structure on Capitol Hill through reforms in our Make Congress Work! action plan like No Budget, No Pay, so even people like Mourdock can’t prevent the system from working.
  3. Build the No Labels movement so we can counteract the hyper-partisan voices on both sides of the aisle and give voice to the disengaged majority of Americans who want elected officials to solve problems.

Lugar lost yesterday … but America doesn’t have to.

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