The headline from The Hill reads:

Sebelius lashes out at GOP governors

And you know that you don’t have to go any further. Ms. Sebelius may still have an office in Washington, but her credibility is long gone. She is the face of the Affordable Care Act from the colossally inept launch of the web site to her claim, yesterday, that there was never a goal of seven million sign-ups. Didn’t happen. No way. Trust me, I’m the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

"First of all, seven million was not the administration,” Sebelius told Huff Post Live in an interview Tuesday. “That was a CBO, Congressional Budget Office prediction when the bill was first signed. I’m not quite sure where they even got their number. Their number’s all over the board, and you know, the vice president has looked and said it may be closer to five to six. I’m more interested in what we are doing today: getting the word out to target populations.”

Of course, the administration did set a goal of seven million, as explicitly stated by … Kathleen Sebelius.

Last June, according to the Washington Post, Sebelius told reporters, “We’re hopeful that 7 million is a realistic target.”

It’s a number the Health and Human Services secretary reiterated with NBC News in September as well. “I think success looks like at least seven million people having signed up by the end of March 2014,” she said.

One wonders why a) Ms. Sebelius still has her job, and b) anyone reports what she says or thinks about anything, even when she is “lashing out.”

Must the part about "GOP governors,” that gets them excited.

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