Tonight, the President will deliver the usual boring laundry list of promises about jobs, prosperity, affordable education, wide roads, and a blissful future. And in the morning, millions of Americans will take a harder hit when they buy gasoline, which is, for most of them, not a discretionary purchase.

Gasoline prices continue to climb in February, notching another 9-cent increase in Massachusetts in the past week, and an overall jump of 25 cents since the beginning of the month. A gallon of self-serve regular unleaded in Massachusetts now averages $3.68 per gallon, according to AAA Southern New England's weekly survey of gas prices. Gas prices had jumped 14 cents the prior week. Massachusetts' price is 10 cents higher than the national average and 12 cents higher than it was at this time last year.

The price of gas isn't one of those glamor issues, like climate change or "investing" in education and infrastructure. It is just one of those unavoidable and aggravating components of daily life about which the political class seems either uninterested or afraid and powerless to do anything other than mandating ethanol to keep the corn farmers in Iowa happy while subsidizing electric cars that cost almost as much as a year's tuition at an elite private college and deliver an equivalent real world value.

Meanwhile, Jay Carney, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and the usual team will be out peddling the usual stuff about the speech. Unlike gasoline, talk is cheap.

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