A cabbie reacts to President Obama in Bad Rachel's dispatch from Jerusalem:

On the way from Ben Gurion airport to Jerusalem, our driver, Ofer, asks us where we’re from, and whether we’re Jews. “From the States,” I say, as my husband answers, “From Washington.” And, yes, we declare simultaneously, we’re Jews. “Ah, Washington,” he replies. “May I just tell you your president is weak, very weak?” Yes, he may, but he doesn’t give us time to agree before he launches into a heavily accented but extremely nuanced tirade on the impossibility of “peace” between the Israelis and the Arabs: “Three years ago I drove a group of Palestinians from Jerusalem to Ramallah, and it took us only fifteen minutes to come to an agreement on a peace plan. Today there is not even the possibility! I don’t understand what you’re doing, you Americans. Once I believed we could live side by side with them in peace. Now, not at all. I used to call Judea and Samaria the West Bank. Now I call it Eretz Israel [the Land of Israel]. This is because of your American weakness. This is terrible. How can you American Jews support this?”

Whole thing here.

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