The National Organization for Women, a feminist group, announced a new initiative: "Enough Rush," a campaign against radio host Rush Limbaugh. The effort is designed to reignite the short-lived furor over apparently disparaging jokes Limbaugh made on his show earlier this year about feminist activist Sandra Fluke.

In a press release, NOW says it "aims to deliver the powerful message to Rush Limbaugh and his apologists that bullying is no longer profitable" by protesting local radio stations and advertisers that carry Limbaugh's program. Here's more from that release:

Since Limbaugh's three-day attack on law student Sandra Fluke, scores of advertisers have left the show and two radio stations have dropped Limbaugh's show. Now, through the "Enough Rush" campaign, grassroots activists across the U.S. will reach out to local businesses that continue to advertise on The Rush Limbaugh Show and local radio stations that broadcast it.

"For more than two decades, Rush Limbaugh has degraded women, people of color and anyone who doesn't look or think like him," said NOW President Terry O'Neill. "Like bullies everywhere, Limbaugh uses the age-old tactic of savaging one woman for the purpose of intimidating all women away from the public square. Rush's hostile, hateful speech is destructive to our public discourse, our communities and our democracy."

NOW activists plan to gather on May 18 in cities like Washington, New York, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Toledo, and Grand Rapids to protest at local radio stations.

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