National Public Radio has a blog post about President Obama's statement this morning on the private sector--and how conservatives reacted to the president's assertion that"the private sector is doing fine." The title of the post? "GOP Dope Slaps Obama For Saying Private Sector's 'Doing Fine.'"

In fact, the author, Frank James, does not name just one member of the Republican party as the singular "dope" would suggest. He includes the reaction of Republican House speaker John Boehner, House majority leader Eric Cantor, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. Who among this list is James referring to? Or did he mean to say "GOP Dopes Slap Obama"?

UPDATE: NPR has changed its headline. It now reads, "GOP Slams Obama For Saying Private Sector's 'Doing Fine.'"

UPDATE II: A reader explains the meaning of "dope slap":

NPR used slang. "Dope slap" is urban/rap/hip hop slang for slapping somebody on the back of the head, a lighter version of the more humiliating "b---- slap."

It's like somebody says something really stupid, so you slap them on the back of the head and playfully say, "You dope" or "You moron."

I'm not excusing NPR's use of it. They should have put it in parenthesis to indicate those two words meant something other than GOP Dope.

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