An Air Force vet with experience in the nuclear program writes in:

I appreciated William Kristol's "Ich bin ein Big Talker." I also noted with some interest that the president said in Berlin that "our generals" believe we can reduce deployed warheads to 1000. I remember sitting in the targeting shop during New START run up, trying to resolve all gaps in coverage that would open after treaty implementation. We had to cut warheads, the Russians were already there. We knew this, the brass knew this.

Alas, thepPresident has the authority to upset the strategic balance to his heart's content, so the Generals got in line. Seems like a recurring theme in this Administration: Impose bad policies on the Pentagon, act like it was the Pentagon's idea all along.

Cutting 1/3 of our warheads feels like it's cut from the same cloth as Obama's comments on Afghanistan and Iraq. The reality is we're in an increasingly poly-nuclear world, with more states joining "the club." But wishing makes it so: we don't need these weapons, you see. And look! The generals agree!

Thankfully the president at least had the good sense to do this in conjunction with the Russians. Which is to say, it won't be done. Putin sure isn't going any lower in nukes....

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