Georgia Senate candidate Michelle Nunn is coasting to victory in Tuesday's Democratic primary, while her Republican opponent won't likely be decided until the July 22 runoff. With a contentious, crowded GOP field getting most of the attention, Nunn has been able to stay out of the spotlight. A businesswoman and first-time candidate, she has run light,biography-focused TV ads that fail to mention her party affiliation (smart in Republican-leaning Georgia). All that has served the daughter of former Democratic senator Sam Nunn well as she hopes to take advantage of changing demographics to give her party an unexpected pick-up in November.

But in a rare interview, on-camera with MSNBC, the younger Nunn shows she may have some problems after the primaries in addressing at least one basic political issue for the 2014 cycle. In this clip from Monday's Morning Joe, reporter Kasie Hunt asks Nunn if she would have voted for Obamacare had she been in the Senate in 2010. Nunn's answer is more of a non-answer.

"So, at the time that the Affordable Health Care Act [sic] was passed, I was working for Points of Light," she says. "I wish that we had had more people who had tried to architect a bipartisan legislation."

"So, yes or no?" Hunt tries again.

"So, I think it's impossible to look back retrospectively and say, 'You know, what would you have done when you were there?'" Nunn finally says.

Watch the video below:

For context, every sitting Democratic senator in 2010 voted for Obamacare.

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