The Watertown Daily Times reports that Elise Stefanik beat out Matt Doheny to win the endorsement of the Conservative party in New York's 21st congressional district:

State Conservative Party Chairman Michael R. Long said an “overwhelming” 17 out of 19 members of the executive committee supported Ms. Stefanik because they believe she is a “new face” that “can best deliver a solution.”

“Matt had run twice and — not because they wanted a change for the sake of change — they felt Elise was the person to possibly win back the seat,” Mr. Long said. “It wasn’t a negative vote against Matt. They were all positive votes supporting Elise."

The Conservative party's endorsement should provide a big boost to Stefanik in the June 24 Republican primary (assuming Doheny, who has lost races in this district in 2010 an 2012, doesn't drop out of the primary before then).

Divisions between the Republican party and conservative activists have helped hand this very competitive upstate New York congressional district to Democrat Bill Owens in 2009, 2010, and 2012. These recent failures may encourage Republicans to avoid splitting the vote by uniting with conservatives and nominating Stefanik.

Owens announced earlier this year he would not be seeking reelection to the seat.

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