I really don't know where the editors at Politico get off suggesting that the Washington Post and New York Times might be out to get Mitt Romney. I mean, who wouldn't knock on doors in La Jolla, California and write a politically loaded story where his neighbors sound off with quotes like this:

“The only thing he wants small is government and taxes,” Mr. Quint said. “He likes big houses, big families and big religion.”

Big religion? Is Romney holding Fast and Testimony meetings in the middle of his cul-de-sac? What do his neighbors care about his religion? Oh, right:

It turns out that Mr. Romney — who has likened President Obama’s policies to socialism, called for cutting back on federal funding to PBS and wants to outlaw same-sex marriage — has moved into a neighborhood that evokes “Modern Family” far more than “All in the Family.” (There are six gay households within a three-block radius of his house, neighbors said.)

Four doors up the street from the Romneys is the home of Randy Clark and Tom Maddox, a gay couple who meet regularly with other residents worried by the candidate’s renovation plans.

The men, who married in San Francisco four years ago, were asked by Mr. Romney’s architect to sign a document that stated they have no objections to his planned renovations, which would obscure a portion of their ocean view. They refused.

Mr. Clark, an accountant, is trying to organize a campaign fund-raiser at his home for President Obama and hopes to bump into Mr. Romney on the street, so he can explain, “in a neighborly way,” why he thinks his relationship with Mr. Maddox deserves the same rights and status as the marriage between Mr. Romney and his wife, Ann.

For the record, Mitt Romney's on record as being a big fan of 'Modern Family,' so I'm going to go ahead and guess that despite holding more traditional views on marriage, he's actually fine with living next to teh gays. The rest of the article is neighbors bellyaching about Romney's plans to expand his house to accommodate his five sons and 18 grandkids. However, has anyone ever renovated a home in coastal California without the neighbors complaining?

Other shocking revelations: Mitt Romney once complained to the cops about someone drinking and smoking weed on the beach near his home, possibly alienating the crucial choom gang voting bloc. And then there's this:

“We have cans and bottles we’d like to recycle,” he said, explaining that the Secret Service was a vigilantly green organization, whenever possible. Mr. Clark offered to collect the group’s recycling every week and take it to the curb along with the couple’s trash. (Later, out of earshot, he wondered aloud why the Romneys could not handle the task.)

While the Times is (literally) getting to the bottom of Mitt Romney's recycle bin, I wonder if they can spare a reporter to tell us more about the circumstances behind Barack Obama acquiring and expanding his Chicago mansion? It seems to involve an unusual arrangement with this Tony Rezko fellow, and I wonder if there's a story there? Also, have you talked to any of Obama's neighbors? They seem like a colorful sort.

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