Maryland governor Martin O'Malley aligned himself with Hillary Clinton, in response to a question about the retiring secretary of state and possible 2016 Democratic presidential candidate in an interview.

“She’s great,” said O’Malley. “I think she’s an outstanding leader, and I think she could be a great president, if she chooses to do it.”

O’Malley has been talked about as a potential 2016 Democratic candidate.

Earlier today, New York governor Andrew Cuomo took a pass on endorsing Clinton for the bid, as the New York Post reports:

Gov. Cuomo refused to jump on the Hillary for president bandwagon today.

Asked if he would support Hillary Clinton for a 2016 White House bid, Cuomo would only say, “It’s a long way away.”

Cuomo is himself a potential Democratic presidential contender in four years but trails badly in polls behind President Obama's secretary of state.

“There's no doubt that she is incredibly popular, she has great experience,” Cuomo told The Post’s Fredric U. Dicker on Albany’s Talk 1300 AM radio today about the former first lady and ex-U.S. senator from New York. “She’s the person who’s going to make the decision.”

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