On the heels of a Rasmussen poll showing that Newt Gingrich has moved up into 3rd place in the Republican presidential race, a subsequent Rasmussen polls offers Gingrich less encouraging news. The poll of likely voters shows President Obama leading Gingrich by a tally of 2-to-1 among women (56 to 28 percent), better than 2-to-1 among independents (51 to 24 percent), and 15 points overall (49 to 34 percent). These results are similar to those that Rasmussen shows for Rick Perry, who’s likewise trailing Obama by more than 2-to-1 among independents (52 to 24 percent) and who’s trailing by 14-points overall (49 to 35 percent).

Rasmussen’s polling shows Mitt Romney and Herman Cain each faring much better versus Obama. Cain trails Obama by 3 points overall (42 to 39 percent) and by 1 point (38 to 37 percent) among independents. Romney trails Obama by 2 points overall (43 to 41 percent) and leads Obama by 8 points (42 to 34 percent) among independents.

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