Classy as ever, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has been down in Florida campaigning for the President's reelection:

Solis offered harsh words about conservatives. Looking at 2012, Solis slammed the tea party movement, calling them “teabaggers” and promising the Obama administration will take them on. ...

Besides attempting to sell the Obama jobs plan, Solis took aim at the Republicans. She attacked Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s labor policies, arguing that he is looking to take away collective bargaining and other rights from public-sector employees.

Solis accused Republicans in Florida and other states, including Ohio and Wisconsin, of “picking on” teachers, police officers and other government workers.

Solis was speaking at the state Democratic convention, so some red meat is to be expected. But "teabaggers"? That's the level where the debate still resides? Cabinet secretaries resorting to vulgar insults?

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