Among the many strange moments in Barack Obama's post-election press conference last week was this self-pitying complaint from the leader of the free world:

Those letters that I read every night, some of them just break my heart. Some of them provide me encouragement and inspiration. But nobody is filming me reading those letters. And so it’s hard, I think, for people to get a sense of, well, how is he taking in all this information?

One of the nice things about being president, however, is that if you want to have someone filming your private, introspective moments, well, you can hook that up. Barely 48 hours after the president complained about people not being able to see him reading letters--lo and behold!--the White House's blog posted a moving (and beautifully scored and produced) six minute video about how the president reads ten letters every day. The cameras film not just the president reading the letters, but reading some of them aloud.

If the mid-term election was really just about the White House failing to communicate effectively, problem solved!

P.S. That video was actually first posted in August of 2009, so there were actually cameras filming him all along.

P.P.S. It's not like the presshasn't been telling Americaabout how our president reads 10 letters a day. They've been doing their part!

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