It is perhaps obvious to everyone who follows politics, but the Obama campaign finally admitted it today: Yes, in their bid to reelect President Barack Obama, they are running negative advertisements.

Earlier today, Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina made the admission on Twitter:

CMAG is an insider database, used by Washington-types and folks like Jim Messina, to track television ads that have aired. And with this tweet, Messina is accepting the CMAG numbers as accurate--which would, conversely, mean that 30 percent of the ads used by the president's team have been negative.

The Obama campaign excuses their own negative advertisements by saying that the Republicans do it more--43 percentage points more, we're led to believe. But that excuse ignores the fact that President Obama has only been running against an opponent for 2 months, while Republicans had an almost half-year long primary process, with many negative ads being aimed by Republicans directly at fellow Republicans.

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