In an email to supporters, the Obama campaign pleads for Election Day volunteers in northern Virginia. "Daniel," the email begins, "if you care about how this election ends, then I need to know right now: Can we count on you to help get out the vote on Election Day?"

The email, from Obama for American national field director Jeremy Bird continues, "Additional volunteers from Arlington needed through Election Day: 833."

Then, the campaign tries to guilt folks into volunteering. "Number of times you've committed to volunteer using this email address: Make this your first," writes Bird.

Bird provides an address for volunteers to meet up.

"The voters you talk to could very well be the ones who swing Virginia in President Obama's direction," writes Bird. "We've got to get as many voters out to the polls as we can, period. That's why we're trying to figure out just how many volunteers can make it out in Arlington tomorrow."

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