Campaign disclosure forms for Obama for America, President Obama's reelection team, reveal a heavy emphasis on public opinion polling. According to the forms, in the month of June alone, Obama for America spent a whopping $2,639,265.72 on polling.

This appears to be a record this election cycle. And it does not include money spent on polling by the Democratic party in the month of June.

In May, for instance, both the Democratic National Committee and Obama for America combined to spend $2,105,107.93 on polling, according to disclosure forms with with the Federal Election Commission. And most of that money came from the Democratic party ($1,627,107.93), while the Obama campaign chipped in $478,000 for polling research.

In April, for the sake of comparison, the Democratic party and the Obama election team combined to spend $456,083.01 on polling. Of that, only $18,000 came from Obama's campaign proper, while $438,083.01 was spent on polling in that month by the Democratic National Committee.

Polling is often conducted by campaigns to make sure the candidate's message is in sync with what the voters want to hear.

Meanwhile, looking at the June numbers, the AP reports, "President Barack Obama's re-election campaign spent more than it collected in June."

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