At yesterday’s press conference, Chuck Todd of NBC News asked, “Are you withholding judgment on whether you should have known sooner that there was a potential — that there was an investigation into whether your CIA director — potentially there was a national security breach with your CIA director? Do you believe you should have known sooner, or are you withholding judgment until the investigation is complete on that front?”

Obama replied, “I am withholding judgment with respect to how the entire process surrounding General Petraeus came up. We don’t have all the information yet, but I want to say that I have a lot of confidence generally in the FBI, and they’ve got a difficult job. And so I’m going to wait and see to see if there’s any other” —

Todd followed up: “ — that you should have known? Do you think in hindsight — ”

Obama stated, “Well, I mean, Chuck, what I’ll say is, is that if — it is also possible that had we been told, then you’d be sitting here asking a question about why were you interfering in a criminal investigation. So I think it’s best right now for us to just see how this whole process unfolded.”

It seems highly unlikely that Attorney General Eric Holder, a cabinet officer in Obama’s own administration, didn’t tell the president that Petraeus was under investigation, so it will be interesting to see whether Obama’s words come back to haunt him. And if he really didn’t know what was going on, then that begs this question: Why is this president so regularly cut out of the loop? Why, as with Benghazi, does he so often claim that he didn’t know what was happening — until he later claims that he did?

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