According to Gallup's daily tracking poll, President Obama's disapproval rating has risen to 51 percent, while his approval rating hovers near his all-time low, at 41. The graph below shows the trends for the president's approval and disapproval over the last month:

While the longer trends show that Obama has had higher disapproval than approval ratings for some time, twice over the last month, the ratings more or less converged for several days. The middle of the graph shows where Obama's approval and disapproval were even between July 23 and July 26. That period began when John Boehner left the debt ceiling negotiations at the White House and began working on a compromise with Harry Reid. The president gave a televised address to the nation on July 26, and his approval rating plummeted thereafter.

Even after the debt deal was reached and Obama signed the legislation on August 2, his disapproval ratings only dipped a few points. He's back up to a level that's been relatively consistent since his July 26 address, with just over half of the country disapproving of his job performance.

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