Rich Lowry writes, in National Review Online:

When Barack Obama said he’d conduct our affairs with more humility, little did we know he meant he’d humiliate us. He is allowing a vicious little tin-pot dictator to fight us to a standstill in Libya without bestirring himself to do much of anything about it. His latest initiative is to fly two unmanned drones over Libya to send a signal to Moammar Qaddafi about our seriousness. He must have thought sending three unmanned drones — strong letter to follow — would have been unduly harsh....

Under Obama, we’re making a practice of accumulating national embarrassments. The dollar is in decline. The state of the nation’s fiscal house is so shoddy that Standard & Poor’s warns that a downgrade in our AAA rating may be in the offing. Saudi Arabia is furious at us and is not playing ball on oil production. We have to depend on foreign creditors to keep operating our government, $14 trillion in the red. We endure lectures from Communist China about sound finance.

For his sophisticated defenders, Obama is ushering in the long-overdue post-American world. For the rest of the public, for whom national pride still means something, it may feel like the 1970s again, when a self-impressed Democratic president last tried to get us to accept our supposedly inevitable diminishment. Jimmy Carter made his era synonymous with American weakness and decline.

Carter had the failed Iranian hostage rescue attempt (he called it “an incomplete success”) to put an exclamation point on his fecklessness and America’s stumbles. Obama has Libya, a perfect expression of his ambiguous leadership. At this rate, he’ll give us much to be humble about.

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