President Barack Obama escalated his "Romnesia" attack against Republican Mitt Romney by referencing stage three cancer at a campaign event in Florida today:

Obama: Now, we’ve come up with a name for this condition. It’s called Romnesia. (Applause.)

Audience: Romnesia! Romnesia! Romnesia!

Obama: We had a severe outbreak last night. (Applause.) It was at least stage three Romnesia. (Laughter and applause.) And I just want to go over with you some of the symptoms, Delray, because I want to make sure nobody in the surrounding area catches it. (Laughter.) If you say that you love American cars during a debate, but you wrote an article titled, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” you might have Romnesia. (Applause.)

"Romnesia" is Obama's phrase he uses when alleging Romney once stood for something different than what the Republican now stands for.

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