In Germany, President Barack Obama expressed gratitude on behalf of the American people "for some very important German immigrants, Anheuser-Busch."

Via the pool report:

He thanked families like Chrysler, Hershey, Heinz, Einstein, Steinway, Steinbeck, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig for prosperity and inspiration. He said young Americans "will always be grateful for Levi Strauss for their blue jeans."

"Americans will also be grateful especially for some very important German immigrants Anheuser Busch."

Obama said he was "thankful to Angela" who he said had yearned for the freedom in her youth, and said she had pointed out during their lunch the train tracks where the Berlin Wall used to run. He said she had helped her dreams become true for millions in her country.

"You are an inspiration to me and people around the world."

Potus then told the story of a bell that was gifted to the German people from the United States in 1950 and hangs in the former town hall in Berlin. The bell tolled after the JFK, speech, German unification and after 9/11.

He made his toast quoting a declaration to which millions of countrywide Americans signed before the bell was given to Germany.

"We believe in the sacredness and dignity of the individual, We believe that all men derive the right of freedom equally from God. We are proud to join millions of men and women throughout the world who hold the cause of freedom safe."

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