According to the pool report, "joining POTUS on the flight from San Fran was Penny Pritzker, the campaign's finance chair four years ago. Jay Carney said she was in the neighborhood."

Must be nice to have been a big bundler for President Obama, and pretty convenient to get a lift on Air Force One when the president just so happens to be in the neighborhood.

But there's another possibility. The New York Times ran a long piece the other week on Pritzker is taking a back seat this campaign--"intentionally doing less."

Ms. Pritzker’s commitment has become a matter of mystery and consternation among some Obama supporters struggling to recreate the success of the 2008 finance team that she led as chairwoman. Though she is assisting with the re-election campaign in a number of ways, Ms. Pritzker — whose family owns the Hyatt hotel chain and is active in charitable and Jewish causes — is less visible, has cut back on fund-raising and has told friends that she is intentionally doing less.

Some donors have taken that as a signal — or used it as an excuse — to scale back, according to those involved in fund-raising, even as the president’s fund-raising pace lags behind that of his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.

Might today's lift on Air Force One been an attempt by President Obama to bring back a former supporter?

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