President Barack Obama gave a shout out last night at an Inaugural ball to our "comrades in arms" in Afghanistan. After hearing from troops in Afghanistan through a video a satellite, the commander in chief said, "I can tell you that you've got a room full of patriots here. And although I've got to admit that they're a little spiffied up right now -- their heart and soul, their dedication, their sense of duty is at one with every single one of the folks who are in Kandahar right now."

He added, "And I want you to know that when I was standing on the steps of the Capitol today, looking out over close to a million people, the single-biggest cheer that I always get -- and today was no different at my Inauguration -- was when I spoke about the extraordinary men and women in uniform that preserve our freedom and keep our country strong. So know that every single day we are thinking of you.

"We're going to make sure that you've got the equipment, the strategy, the mission that allows you to succeed and keep our country safe. Know that we are going to be looking after and thinking about your families every single day, and that when you get back home you're going to be greeted by a grateful nation, and that you will be on our minds tonight and every single night until our mission in Afghanistan is completed."

Then, Obama asked for the crowd at the Inaugural ball to "give our comrades-in-arms a huge round of applause." The crowd obliged.

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