President Barack Obama, who earlier today offered several gun control measures, is currently attending what appears to be the good-bye party for departing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Via the pool report:

 POTUS, who says he likes a good party, heard there might be one next door at the Treasury this afternoon for his Cabinet BFF, Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, whose last week is next week.

So at about 4 pm, the pool gathered at the Treasury door directly across from the East Wing to watch as Mr. Obama walked over. But while we waited in the gray, wet chill, first the pool watched as the West Wing cleared out for a head start on POTUS.

He was preceded by his nominee for Treasury, COS Jack Lew, David Plouffe, Alyssa Mastromonaco, Gene Sperling, Brian Deese and a few others who got in ahead of us unseen. Then Jason Furman and Nancy-Ann DeParle. Then a foursome -- Jay Carney, Jeff Zients, Dan Pfeiffer and Jennifer Palmieri.

Finally at 4:21, POTUS and VPOTUS walked across together, followed by agents, Tom Donilon, Bruce Reed, Steve Ricchetti and a clutch of others who got by me. Didn't see Denis McDonough.

We are waiting inside Treasury doors.
The subject line of the pool report reads, "Par-TEE!"

An anonymous White House official tells the pool reporter: "The President and Vice President are attending an event honoring Secretary Geithner at the Treasury Department this afternoon. Treasury staff and the Secretary’s friends and family will be in attendance."

UPDATE: The pool reporter adds:

At about 4:50 POTUS and aides filed out of Treasury and someone in the pool yelled something like, "So, you like a good party?"

"They didn't serve any alcohol," Potus said with a BIG grin, munching on something. "Still on a budget."

Seen leaving just ahead of POTUS was former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, Geithner's former boss in the Clinton Treasury.
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