It was earlier noted that the Obama campaign paid a whopping $2.6 million on polling in the month of June alone. It turns out, the president's reelection campaign has spent $15 million on polling--this election cycle alone.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Some 778 Obama campaign staffers received a payroll check in June, accounting for $2.9 million in wages before tax costs, records show. To date, Mr. Obama's camp has spent more than $25 million on payroll.

It spent $38.2 million on media buys last month, bringing its total this election to more than $72 million. The campaign spent $2.6 million on polling in June. The campaign has invested some $4 million in polling this election, with the DNC chipping in $11.3 million on opinion surveys since the start of 2011.

That means, the Obama campaign, in conjunction with the Democratic National Party, has so far spent $15.3 million on polling alone.

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