While new members of Congress are getting sworn in today, President Barack Obama is far, far away, vacationing in Hawaii.

From the pool report, sent at 1:55 EST:

President Obama's motorcade departed his Kailua neighborhood at 8:46 a.m. Five minutes later, the pool separated from the motorcade, which continued on to the Marine Corps base gym.

POTUS was not visible.
Technically, Obama was still at his vacation home when new members were getting sworn, but the ceremonial swearing-ins continue in both the House and Senate. Biden is conducting the ceremonial swearing-ins right now in the Capitol.
That also means that Obama was at his vacation home, where he's staying with his wife and two children, when the House voted to reelect Speaker John Boehner its leader.

UPDATE: Obama spoke on the phone with congressional leaders, according to an unnamed "senior administration official" (but not Speaker of the House John Boehner):

“This morning, in keeping with long standing tradition on the opening day of a new Congress, the President completed a call with Majority Leader Cantor and Democratic Leader Pelosi. The House leaders relayed that a quorum of the House has been assembled, a Speaker and Clerk have been elected and that the 113th Congress is ready to receive any communication that he will make. The President thanked the two leaders, congratulated them and extended well wishes to all Members of the new Congress.”

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