According to President Barack Obama's official schedule, "Later in the afternoon, the President will hold a Cabinet Meeting in the Cabinet Room. There will be a pool spray at the top of the meeting."

By CBS reporter Mark Knoller's account, this cabinet meeting is the first one President Obama has held since January 31:

That January cabinet meeting, according to the White House, "focused on small businesses." Here's how the White House described that meeting:

Today, President Obama convened a meeting of his Cabinet to discuss the ideas he laid out in the State of the Union. Joining the meeting was a new member of that Cabinet -- Karen Mills, the head of the Small Business Administration. ... The President also ran through what agencies like the Departments of Commerce, Energy, and Education are doing to help American businesses as well.

So it appears, like the president's jobs council, his cabinet has been focusing on jobs. And, like the jobs council, the president hasn't held a cabinet meeting in over the last six months.

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