President Barack Obama said today in a pre-Super Bowl interview that he has no hesitation about sending women to the frontlines of combat:

The president was asked, "Do you have any hesitation as commander in chief ordering women into combat?"

"You know, I don't," replied Obama. "And the reason it's because women as a practical matter are now in combat. They may not get treated as if they're in combat, but when they're in theater in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, they are vulnerable, they are wounded, and they have been killed. And they have carried out their jobs with extraordinary patriotism and distinction. And you know -- I've said before, the greatest honor I have as president is being commander in chief. And I meet extraordinary women in uniform who can do everything that a man can and more, and you know, one of my military aides is about five feet tall, probably weighs about 100 pounds. You put a 50-pound pack on her and she can do things that you or me would keel over doing. And so the truth is that women are serving, they are taking great risks. What we should not do is somehow prevent them from advancing in an institution that we all revere."

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