When asked today at a press conference about why he doesn't "socialize enough," President Barack Obama gave a long, rambling answer.

"I'm a pretty friendly guy, and I like a good party," said Obama. "And, you know, the truth is that, you know, when I was in the Senate, I had great relationships over there and up until the point I became president, this was not an accusation that you heard very frequently. I think that really what's gone on in terms of the paralysis here in Washington, or difficulties in negotiations, just has to do with some very stark differences in terms of policy," not his lack of partying, the president said.

But Obama hinted maybe he'd up for more partying in the future.

"The nice thing is that now that my girls are getting older, they don't want to spend that much time with me, anyway," said Obama.

"So I'll be probably calling around, looking for somebody to play cards with me or something, because I'm getting kind of lonely in this big house. So maybe a whole bunch of members of the house republican caucus want to come over and socialize more."

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