President Obama, who is left handed, revealed today in Israel that as a kid in Indonesia, he "would get hit with rulers" for writing with his left hand. From the pool report:

Obama then sat down to sign his second guest book of the afternoon.  This table had red roses, and a printed card in advance looked like a reminder of what POTUS would need to write.

The black pen said “Prime Minister’s office” on it, but wasn’t otherwise that special. Peres had a nicer pen.

There was some banter to kill time while Obama signed the book. The two seemed relaxed and in a joking mood.

Netanyahu made some kind of joke looking up at a chandelier above them. Best to check the TV feed to confirm quotes.

Sounded like Netanyahu said: “You told me about the leaks in the White House. Your visitor fixed a few of our leaks.” The meaning of this was unclear.

While Obama, a lefty, signed, he talked with Sara some more. “Michelle, she’s a right hander. I’m trying to work on it.”

Then Obama told a story: “When I was in Indonesia, it was considered bad manners (writing with left hand). “Even though I would get hit with rulers, I just stuck with it,” he explained.

Netanyahu told Obama warmly, “you chose the best weather.”

“Fantastic,” said Obama.

“You obviously knew exacty when to come,” Netanyahu said. By this he meant the elections and forming a new cabinet. Bibi then complained a bit about how hard it is to do, saying to Obama, “you have only one party.”

Obama, who has his own troubles, didn’t buy it. “The grass is always greener, my friend.”

“We have more moving parts,” Netanyahu explained.

“Hopefully my handwriting is legible,” Obama concluded.

Then they walked into the room outside where the dinner will be held. Sara N. appeared to say she wanted to introduce Obama to her son. I’m told it was Yair.

Obama spent some time with him far away from you pooler, but snatches could be heard. The younger Netanyahu said he was studying international relations. “Well there you go,” said Obama.

Also around were Kerry and Amb. Oren.

The guests then entered the formal dinner area, where there’s modern art on the walls, and 16 chairs around the rectangular table.
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