President Obama was in Denver this afternoon for a fundraiser. But the event does not appear to have been quite the success the campaign was hoping for.

According to today's White House pooler, the New York Times's Peter Baker, "The crowd was obviously supportive and glad to see him, though the room at times felt a little flat and Potus seemed a little tired after a long day that’s not even close to being over." (The president has two more fundraisers tonight in California.)

Moreover, the campaign announced that the president "[would] headline a reception for 700 at the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center. General admission tickets started at $500 apiece, though a selected number of Gen44 and Grassroots tickets were available for $250."

The campaign now says, according to the pooler, that only 550 people showed up.

And when the president showed up at the site of the Denver fundraiser, he was met with protesters. The pooler reports:

a couple dozen protesters held up signs like, “Out of Hope, Ready for Change,” “Debt Slavery,” “Obama’s Blvd. of Broken Promises” and “Bye Bye on Nov. 6th.” Some of them were calling out something that your pooler couldn’t hear. They were kept behind a yellow police tape far out of view of Potus or his donors.

"[T]hree anti-abortion protesters holding up grisly pictures" met President Obama on his way out of town.

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