For some reason, the president will be honoring a football team at the White House today. It is not quite football season, yet. The team in question has not been a team for a long time, and there is no particular anniversary occasion. This is not the fiftieth year since it achieved glory or anything of that sort. Just another August day.

The team being honored would be the 1972 edition of the Miami Dolphins and it accomplished something no other National Football League outfit has. It won the Super Bowl after going through an entire season undefeated. Final record: 17-0.

Something to celebrate, certainly. But Richard Nixon, who was president (but not for much longer) did not invite the Dolphins to the White House. Maybe he was sore because the Dolphins beat the local Redskins, Nixon's team, in the Super Bowl and we all know now spiteful the man could be. So perhaps the explanation is that President Obama, who is busy making a lot of very Nixon-like blunders, is hosting the team to make up for one of his predecessor's mistakes.

Or, maybe, it is just an empty day in August and the White House was looking for a headline and decided to throw a bone to football fanatics. Nice little non-political event. Bit of nostalgia. What could go wrong? Except, as Alexis Simendinger of RCP reports,

Legendary coach Don Shula plans to attend Tuesday, although several former members of the championship team told news outlets they will skip the event because they disagree with administration policies.

No names mentioned in the story but that is okay since the '72 Dolphins were famous for their "no name defense."

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